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Steven, web data analyst @UWV, machine learning hobbyist, owner @ statistiekmetspss.nl & thesishulp.nl and cofounder of BlauBlock®, has built a rich expertise where digital marketing, data-mining and analytics intersect with UX, CRO and behavioral psychology.

As a student I felt something in my psychology curriculum was missing, I tried focusing on the statistics and research methodology courses because to me they seemed the most interesting and challenging.
Later I realised my interests weren't in psychology as an isolated area. I wanted to use statistical analysis techniques and large data-sets in order to create better user experience, improve marketing or find solutions to problems.

About Me

Steven B. Peutz, MSc


Steven graduated from Utrecht University on the effects of service channel management on customer experience, integrating customer relationship models, and manipulating model dominance by means of conscious and subconscious priming. Building on findings from eye-tracking research he conducted for his Social Neuroscience minor.

In my spare time I like to create or tinker with little projects like my webshop, studentplatform, or 'data-analysis with SPSS' site. Or I like to play around with some other little project, such as my last one: 'Which statistical analysis should I use? In 7 questions or less'.

To stay fit I hit the gym with an absolute minimum of three times a week. For relaxation I love watching netflix :p

I firmly believe that learning should be a continous process and is something that should not just stop after graduating.
Especially in the current 'digital age' with HCI having become ubiquitous, ever increasing AI capabilities and other exciting (digital) developments I believe we are more enabled and more incentivized to always keep learning.

For these reasons I created this page and plan to use this to track and share my educational progress for the coming years.

Statistics & Analysis








Digital Marketing/SEO/SEA


Data Visualization & Communication



Some of the things I have been tinkering with
Mainly webdevelopment, content & marketing (SEO) or machine learning hobby stuff.

Wizard for choosing the correct hypothesis test (JS)

Which Significance test should I use?

An in-browser tool for choosing the correct statistical test for significance testing in '7 questions or less'
7QuestionsOrLess on github

Usabilla 360

Presented at Usabilla 360

I gave a presentation at the Usabilla 360 meeting about ergonomic data visualization and other tactics employed at UWV's web analytics team in order the stimulate data-driven decision making within other teams and divisions. Other speakers included senior and lead analytics from PostNL and Gemeente Amsterdam.
Ergonomic Data Visualization presentation (github)

AI guild UWV

Presented at UWV's AI guild

I gave a presentation at the UWV AI guild on (supervised) Machine Learning; tooling and basic principles.
Currenly a member of UWV's AI guild.
AI guild ML presentation (github)


BlauBlock® blue light filtering glasses

Cofounded BlauBlock®, blue light filtering glasses ("blauw licht blokkerende brillen"​) for the Dutch and Belgian market.
Lead Analytics, UX & CRO (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DataLayer, Heatmapping, A/B testing, Event Tracking, Visitor Recording)
Lead Growth Hacker (SEO, SEM, display PPC, SoMe Incentivisation, FinTech integrations (Bitcoin, iDEAL, PayPal), WAB (beta), targeted Livechat
Collaborate on web development (fmr. lead developer)
Collaborate on Branding and Marketing Strategy.
BlauBlock® tegen blauw licht (dutch language)

Python webscraper

Python webscraper for printing all links on a chosen page

Written a simple little script in Python(3) that prompts the user for a URL, then goes to that URL and loops through the HTML and print each URL link on that page and prints them. Created a version that works without the Beautiful Soup library
Python Webscraper for links (github)


Mathematical Statistics with SPSS

Developed a contentsite (Dutch language) that aims to help students in their understanding of SPSS for research statistics, with an average of 4000 monthly unique visitors (developer and author).
Statistiek met SPSS (dutch language)


Student platform; connecting struggling students with alumni

Launched a student platfom aiming to connect students struggling with their master/bachelor thesis with alumni that are willing to lend a hand.
- Over 30 MS or MA educated Thesishelpers
- Over 400 student customers helped (either free of paid)
- SE Ranked nr.1 for 'thesis hulp', 'studie hulp scriptie' and 20+ other Dutch key terms
Thesishulp.nl (dutch language)

Kaggle (practice)

Kaggle practice competitions

Kaggle practice competitions and other kernels
Titanic prediction model (random forest) for Kaggle practice competition
Other datascience project and tinkerings (github)

Coursera Beta tester

Coursera Beta Tester program

Early entrance to coursera courses on the coursera MOOC platform as a beta tester.
Beta Tester Badge

Brightlands International Data Hackathon 2018

2nd Place @ Brightlands Data Hackathon 2018

We got second place at the Brightlands Data Hackathon. The Brightlands Datascience Hackathon is a yearly international event with (in 2018) 170 participants and 60.000€ in prize money. Sponsors included the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK), Politie Nederland, Accenture & the Province Limburg.
Reward ceremony (2nd place)

Google Cert.

Google Training material and certifications

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification ('GAIQ')

    Google is the biggest player -also- when it comes to web analysis tooling. Working with Google Analytics a lot outside my 'dayjob' has motivated me to dive just a little deeper.
    View Certificate (2017)
    View Certificate (2018)

  • Google Online Marketing Certification

    An overall online marketing certification by Google in association with EURES 'digital werkplaats' and recommended by IAB Europe. Topics include search, analytics, e-mailmarketing, social media, e-commerce, display-marketing and retargeting.
    View Certificate

  • Google 'Advanced Analytics' Course Certification

    A course by Google (Google Analytics Academy) on advanced options and analyses with Google Analytics.
    View Certificate (2017)
    View Certificate (2018)

  • Google Adwords Search Advertising Certification

    Official Adwords Search Advertising Certification
    View Certificate

  • Google Adwords Display Advertising Certification

    Official Adwords Search Advertising Certification
    View Certificate

NCOI Cert.

NCOI Training courses and certifications

MOOC Cert.

I am convinced that with the ever increasing speed by which technology is developing and spreading, education will follow by integrating information sharing technology and by reforming the old system of physical presence and high financial requirements to the MOOC approach that platforms like Coursera, edX, Udacity and Codecademy have started.

Putting my money were my mouth is,
I have learnt greatly from (and have successfully completed) the following verified courses.

  • Data Science Essentials (MS DAT203.1x)

    The DataScience basics, approach and ideas are just extremely interesting, useful and fun to learn for any analyst.
    View Certificate

  • UX Research at Scale

    University of Michigan
    This UX research course provided an overview of survey methodology from the perspective of UX research. UX surveys typically focus on uncovering user needs, connecting needs to user characteristics, and gaining insight into user attitudes towards systems they use.
    View Certificate

  • Advanced SQL for Data Scientists

    Improving your SQL skills is always a good thing and especially useful working for facebook. This course helped me along with some more advanced SQL techniques.
    View Certificate

  • Business metrics for Data-driven Companies

    Duke University
    Lots of information on data-driven working from an analyst's perspective. I have used a lot of what I learned here working on the KPI framework for UWV.
    View Certificate

  • The Data Scientist's Toolbox

    John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    DataScience basics, approach and ideas are just extremely interesting, useful and fun to learn for an analyst. Passed with distinction.
    View Certificate

  • Business Applications of HT and CI Estimation

    Rice University
    As a beta-tester for Coursera I decided to take the 'Business Applications of Hypothesis Testing and Confidence Interval Estimation' course to get hands on with a practical approach to confidence interval estimation for population proportions (in stead of the usual population means). This course by Prof. Sharad Borle turned out to be really nice and confidence interval estimates are now used at UWV for the 'positive' content feedback percentage.
    View Certificate

  • Using Python to access Web Data

    University of Michigan
    This course has shown how to use the Internet as a source of data. It introduced scraping, parsing, and reading web data as well as accessing data using web APIs. Also HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python were used in this course.
    View Certificate

  • Programming with Python ('PY4E')

    University of Michigan
    I am aware of the wide array of possibilities the python language can provide. Also, every MOOC enthusiast should have completed at least one Charles Severance Course. Passed with distinction.
    View Certificate

  • Python Data Structures

    University of Michigan
    I am aware of the wide array of possibilities python can provide.
    View Certificate

  • IBM Data Analysis with Python

    Improving my analytical skills with python is always useful, especially right now working for facebook.
    View Certificate

  • UX Research at scale

    University of Michigan
    In progress. Not completed yet.
    View Certificate

  • Usable Security

    University of Maryland
    Because a basic understanding, knowledge of best practice and of common pitfalls should be taught to everyone working in an internet oriented business.
    View Certificate

  • Facebook IQ / Blueprint

    Facebook is (even without looking at instagram and whatsapp!) the largest social network site in the world. Connecting people at a stage of roughly 2.2 billion MAU. With Facebook IQ and Blueprint anyone is granted free access to read published insights, look up (downdrillable) statistisc per segment and train yourself in everything facebook advertising has to offer such as custom targeting.
    View Facebook IQ Marketing Insights Certificate
    View Targeting Core Audiences Certificate
    View Targeting Custom Audiences Certificate
    View Targeting Lookalike Audiences Certificate
    View Evaluating with Facebook Pixel Certificate
    View Audience Insights Certificate
    View Facebook Ad Policies Certificate

  • Big Data & Cloud Computing Technologies

    Yonsei University
    Big Data, Cloud Computing & CDN Emerging Technologies provided its students with a theoretical understanding of techinques enabling big data and cloud computing.
    View Certificate

  • Graphic Design

    University of Colorado, Boulder
    Graphic design principles gives us insights about why it might be that some visualisation in an an online setting might be pleasing and why some just aren't (outside of conveying the message itself). Graphic design principles are involved in practically everything we create from UX to infographics, so why not learn at least a tiny bit about them.
    View Certificate

  • Cyberwar, Surveillance & Security

    University of Adelaide
    Very broad MOOC course on state surveillance, Snowden, cyberwar and security by the Australian university of Adelaide with lectures by prof. Gabrielle Colemann (mcGill University), Prof. Jack Goldmsith (Harvard Law), prof Mike Schmitt (US naval war college), Frak Moorhouse, Senator Scott Ludlam, Ben Wizner (director ACLU) and more experts from both sides of the main issues.
    View Certificate

  • Mastering Data Analysis in Excel

    Duke University
    The second intensive course in the 'MySQL to Excel; Analytics Techniques for Business' specialisation. With a final preer-to-peer graded practical assignment on modeling credit card default risk and customer profitability after having built a binary classification model and comparing the information gain of alternative data and different models.
    View Certificate

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization strategies

    Davis University
    Besides the influence Google search ranking have, the way they shape the use of internet, it is just a ever useful skill to in some part know what is beneficial and what isn't within the google search algorithm(s).
    View Certificate

  • Innovation for Entrepreneurs

    University of Maryland
    Innovation for Entrepreneurs: From Idea to Marketplace. What makes some form of innovation feasible while another is out of reach? How to predict and influence which innovation will be embraced.
    View Certificate

Misc. Cert.

Other 'Offline', face-to-face Training courses and certifications

  • Growthtribe's AI for marketing and growth

    Applications of A.I. in marketing with lots of hands-on Prediction Modeling exercises for rapid experimentation.
    During this fast-paced training course we;
    - Created a churn prediction model for a B2B Saas company
    - Created a conversion prediction model for an Ecommerce company
    - Built a prediction model to calculate and predict Customer Lifetime Value
    - Developed segments by clustering customers/visitors based on CRM data & website events
    - Created and used Psychographic Personas
    - Performed Sentiment Analysis through Natural Language Processing
    Tools used where Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS) and the Orange Machine Learning Toolkit
    View Certificate

  • DataMining Big Data & Machine Learning

    DataZin & Springest
    nog geen beschrijving..

  • Tableau Data Visualisation Training

    Hands-on training sessions provided by Infotopics at UWV.

  • Programming HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS

    CompuTrain (Microsoft)
    Complete Microsoft training course at ISES CompuTrain, Amsterdam provided by UWV. Focussed on javascript to improve custom tagging for UWV.nl
    View Certificate

  • Masterclass NeuroMarketing

    Institute for Service Leadership
    While working as a research statistics and methodology assistant at the Customer Connection I was allowed to attend the NeuroMarketing Masterclass, hosted and organized by the Institute for Service Leadership, in exchange for helping the speaking professors getting ready (as in getting coffee and joining in the struggle of connecting laptops with beamers in 2013).
    - Customer Trust workshop by Prof. Dr. F. van Raaij
    - Consumer behaviour workshop by Prof. Dr. A. Dijksterhuis
    - NeuroMarketing workshop by Prof. Dr. V. Lamme
    - Customer Loyalty workshop by Prof. Dr. T. Bijmolt
    - NeuroMarketing workshop by Prof. Dr. Ir. A. Smidts
    - Marketing workshop by Prof. Dr. A. Pruyn

  • NLP and non-verbal communication

    Kaber Groep
    'Soft skills' like communication are crucial for any analyst. These skills might not be as 'interesting' but for a project they can make the difference between failure and succes. A hands-on training by Kaber in Breda.

  • Communication Skills for Scrum

    4 Hands-on sessions with interactive workshops to become more efficient at communicating in a scrum setting. Provided by VijfhartIT.

Formal Education

By 'formal education' or 'old system' I mean education done the old-school way. Where a university's costs have te be paid for by just those few students that can and will physically attend, and where often internet is seen more as a distraction than the platform and information source it really can be.

One of the beautiful things about studying psychology was the focus on how with the right research design and methodology in combination with the right statistical method seemingly unquantifiable interests can become quantified constructs which can be measured, visualized and learnt from.

My 'alma mater' (Utrecht University) is ranked #1 of Dutch universities and #65 worldwide at the Shanghai International Ranking.

  • Master of Science | Psychology, 2011-2012

    Social Psychology at Utrecht University (ranked #1 Dutch university in the Shanghai International Ranking).
    Succesfully completed two internships, the first of which resulted in my first coding experience, the second resulted in my first statistics related job.

  • Minor | Social NeuroScience, 2011

    A university college honors track had started a full minor track. Some open spots were -grades based- left for psychology students. Four psychology students and I were happy to be those students.
    4.0 GPA: minor graded with a 4.0 GPA, accompanying Bachelor's thesis graded 8.5

  • Bachelor of Science | Psychology, 2007-2011

    Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology at Utrecht University.
    Top 5%: received an official invitation for the 'Research Statistics and Methodology for Social Sciences Research Master. This was based on scores (top 5%) on advanced statistics & research methodology courses at Utrecht University
    Graded 8.5: concluded with an 8.5 graded bachelor's thesis on reward sensitivity, motivation and subliminal motivation.

  • Academia Mester Salamanca | Spanish, 2006-2007

    To learn the spanish language (along with learning to live by myself) I moved to spain to for a seven month language course and education in Spanish culture. (Intermediate level diploma)

  • Pre-academic schooling, 'VWO', 2000-2006

    Pre-academic schooling at Mencia de Mendoza Breda, economics profile.


For my masterthesis I studied the effects of service channel management on customer experience, integrating customer relationship models (and manipulation of the dominant model by means of conscious and subconscious priming) with an anticipated decrease in customer experience.

This study was performed in service of The Customer Connection and financed by VGZ and AEGON

Accenture, CEB talent measurement

Top 2%

Scored in the top 2% on 'inductive reasoning' (and in the top 11% on an 'analytical reasoning' test) at the CEB SHL Talent Measurement program held by Accenture for a Data Science traineeship.

Utrecht University

4.0 GPA on Social NeuroScience Minor

Because of my grades I was allowed to join the Social NeuroScience minor that was part of a multidisciplinary Honors Track. I completed this minor with a 4.0 GPA.

Utrecht University

8.5 on Bachelor's Thesis

I was granted permission to use the university's optical EyeTracker to study effects of subliminal priming on motivation. The study and thesis were graded with an 8.5.

Utrecht University

Top 5%

Graded for advanced statistics & research methodology courses at Utrecht University were ranked in order to invite the top 5% of students for a Research Master programme.